Does your child struggle in school because of a disability?

Do you need information, resources, and support to advocate for your child?
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SpEdConnecticut, Inc. formerly known as the Learning Disabilities Association of Connecticut , is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the educational experience of children with disabilities.

We provide information, training, and advocacy support to families as they seek appropriate educational services for their children with special education needs.

A Supportive Resource for Families


  1. Has responded to thousands of calls for information and assistance,
  2. Provides a continuum of services to parents, including:
    1. consultation,
    2. record reviews, and
    3. attendance at PPT meetings by trained Parent Advocates (PAs)
  3. Annually provides special education advocacy training by experts for parents and professionals
  4. Monitors the state legislature and advocates for laws that improve the quality of
  5. education for children with disabilities
  6. Sponsors statewide conferences on topical issues
  7. Assists adults seeking evaluations for Learning Disabilities.

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